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Anhui Junda Food Co., Ltd. registered in 1994 which is a professional dehydrated vegetables manufacturer and supplier located in Anhui Province of Eastern China far away from  Shanghai about 2 hours by train and 40 minutes by air. Junda has certification of ISO9001, HACCP, HALAL & FDA Registration.
We mainly produce dried ginger, garlic, carrot, onion, sushi ginger, chili powder as well as dried apple rings and apple dices.
Junda is a collection of seedling, planting  health  food  research and sales as one  integrated  company which  mainly  develops the ginger, barley grass of deep processing industry and has more than 3000 acres of ginger and barley grass planting base and two factories of total 60000 square meters of workshop both founded in the large modern industrial  park. Junda has a completed and scientific  quality  management system as well as a standardized production, testing, analysis of automatic instrument and modern equipment. The annual production capacity is more than 10000 MT.
Annual export volume is more than 15 million US Dollars sold to more than 30 countries and areas across the world.
We cordially invite every customer on the earth to our enterprise to achieve further development and beneficial cooperation.
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